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Hints 4 Santa - Free online Christmas gift lists

Sick and tired of receiving unwanted Christmas gifts? Struggling for Xmas gift ideas for friends and family? Well hints4santa.co.uk is here to save the day.

Why do you always end up with a horrible pair of pink socks for xmas? Simple, because the person who buys you them has run out of ideas of what to get you so use hints4santa to give them a nudge in the right direction.

Registration is free and once signed up you can start creating Christmas lists, letting your friends and family know what you would like for the festive season. Each registered account holder can have up to five different lists so sign up and let the whole family start making lists of what they want from good old Santa Claus!!

Once you have created your list you can quickly and easily email it to friends and family so they can come and have a look and see what you want and what people have already bought you from the list - no more unwanted or duplicate Christmas gifts, its that simple - sign up now!

Get your friends and family to sign up too and they can create their own Xmas lists so you never have to waste time thinking of what to buy them ever again.

If you want to create lists for other occasions such as Birthdays, Weddings or Anniversaries then please visit our sister site what2buyme.co.uk